About US

Back in 2003, when Japanesse food was still very distinct, we had a desire to create a place to savour the original taste of Japanesse food. The dream was to create a place where families can enjoy delicious food that will put a smile on their face. This dream turned into the opening of "Ippeke Komachi" restaurant. A place where families were served with an authentic taste of Japanese food at an affordable price.


What is with the name "Ippeke Komachi"?  Ippeke means to eat much and Komachi is named after a famous Japanese Tanka poets from the Heian period in the 19th century, Ono no Komachi. One of her works was "The Withered Flower”, which symbolized the subtle beauty of Japanese culture. That subtleness is also brought into our culinary culture. 

Ono No Komachi was born in Akita Perfecture of the Tohoku Region in Japan. The area was very famous of its "Akita Komachi Rice", the leading agricultural product of Japan. For generations, this place also serves as the Treasure House of Great TasteTherefore, Ippeke Komachi represents the love of food and the love of Japanese culture. 

They are brought in together, special for Indonesian to enjoy.


Years to come, preserved to maintain the high quality of food, "Ippeke Komachi" still brings such a happy feeling to many families. Looking at the long line to dine in, the place has proven itself to serve the best quality of Japanese food. Looking at the satisfied smile of every customer, the food has definitely fluttered their tummies and brought on a happy heart to each one.